"Digital Media Still Relies On Me" by Nicole Hanratty (author headshot)This week in my Digital Communications class I had to fess up to the amount of digital media I consumed on any one given day. Bless my digitized eyeballs, the basic finding was every waking moment. On a Saturday. A day off. Which as it turns out, was really a day on.


But I wasn’t alone. Most of my classmates were astounded at the high numbers of hours they added up at the end of the journaled day. Between smart phone usage, laptops, iPads, and television viewing, most of us admitted to double dipping the digital chip all day long. The question then followed, when do we shut it off?


One classmate confessed to …wait a minute… I just got a text from my boss. Breaking news. Now double dipping this blog post. Writing this weekly review and eyeballing my phone and texting back my boss and thinking about how I can create a news story about the new legal issue of non-disclosure agreements for Hillary Clinton. Still writing this blog post though, Professor Glass!


Now double computer screened with my brain split in two. Editorial mind on one screen, creative mind on the other and shoot…if only I could text my boss back with my toes. (Note to self: Must learn to toe text!)


And you’re still wondering what my classmate confessed to, aren’t you? Unfortunately for you, I have to use my fingers to wonder over to the social media universe.  So, no time to tell.  Maybe I will tweet it out later…


Conclusion: today and tonight, like every other night I will have logged a solid 18 digital hours. And from where I’m sitting now there is no where to run and no place to hide. My eyes are still scanning the article my boss sent me, I see that he is actually MENTIONED in the article. “Darren Kavinoky, an attorney, who is also a keynote speaker told LawNewz.com that he’s also been asked to sign similar agreements.”


This mention means bye bye blog post for Digital Communications class and hello blog post for work. The editorial screen wins again.  It also means another cup of coffee.  So friends, see you on the other side.


Promise to come visit me on LinkedIn, facebook, and the twitterverse. I’ll be there digitizing media faster than a speeding bullet. Which has me thinking, I really need a cape. Maybe there’s one on Amazon, and I do have that third eye…  Wait is Third Eye Blind coming back in concert?

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