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Content is the new black.  It can be difficult to navigate the effect of content and communications on public relations, media campaigns, and advertising.  Whether it is getting you on the right track or connecting with someone who can, Nicole Hanratty can make your content work for you. Need help?

Communication Expert Nicole Hanratty Video Portfolio Reel

World Day Against Human Trafficking (Written, Produced and Edited by Nicole Hanratty)

Produced and Edited by Nicole Hanratty, Interview by Darren Kavinoky and Nicole Hanratty


Through her Journalism Innovation studies, Nicole has been exposed to the latest technology like 3D gaming, Unity, Google Cardboard, creating 360 videos, Virtual Reality, interactive graphs, and cutting edge project management skills. An example of her work at Syracuse is an implementation of hologram technology to enhance storytelling.


Alliances: Forbes Communication Council, Lupus LA, and Westlake Village Cultural Recreation Advisory Board

Communications: Journalism, photography, videography, audio editing, voiceovers, podcast, infographics, production, scripting, brand journalism, advertising campaigns, marketing strategies, social media management, strong journalistic eye for identifying popular content, developing stories, communication, and media campaign execution.

Management: Manage social media direction, website content, editorial duties, oversee interns, image development, charity involvement, day-to-day communications, and special event coordination. Conceive, produce, and edit work of content creation team, advertising campaigns, and marketing department.

Content Marketing Manager: Consult on matters of public image and overall goals of targeted outcome. Create strategic alliances and bridges between like entities. Manage content strategy and marketing as it pertains to public relations and advertising.

Technical: WordPress, RapidWeaver, Final Cut Pro, Garage Band, Photoshop, light HTML, Google Sheets, Docs, Drive, Outlook, Hootsuite, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Word, Excel, SEO, and analytics.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month charity auction in coordination with ESPN Los Angeles for The Kavinoky Law Firm, 2016.

Rock One Sock promotion with Darren Kavinoky, 2016

Planning Committee, Mattel UCLA Children’s Hospital Party on the Pier 2015 & 2016: Communications and PR consulting

Social Media, Lupus Orange Ball 2016: Create promoted hashtags for the event. Take photos to post from Lupus LA socials night of the gala.

Music Production, Special Olympics World Games 2015: Multi-task as a music production team member / DJ assistant for Gymnastics on-air ESPN live competition. Coordinate and execute timed play of on-air in competition music for athletes. Select popular music tracks for intermittent crowd entertainment. Adapt to and deliver multi-media music production needs on demand in a fast pace environment.

Committee Member, Lupus LA Poker Tournament 2013 – 2015 Develop leads for sponsors and donations via direct communication and media promotions.

Producer, Casa Pacifica 2013 and 2014: Produce Christmas Boutique concert providing live music for abused and neglected children in residence. Bring in musicians, schedule set times, organize volunteers, solicit donations and bring awareness to the cause through entertainment.


MS Communications (in progress) Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications 
MA Political Science  California State University, Northridge
BA in Legal Studies and Politics  University of California, Santa Cruz

Samples of videos produced, written, shot, and edited by Nicole Hanratty for celebrity Darren Kavinoky:


  1. Deadly Sins on Investigation Discovery Announces Season 6



  1. Oktoberfest with attorney Darren Kavinoky



  1. Constitution Day: Can you pass the Naturalization Test?



  1. World Day Against Human Trafficking



  1. Hispanic Heritage Month



  1. Democracy Day: Vote November 8th 2016



  1. Suicide Prevention Month Raise Awareness



  1. Paralympics Athlete Swimmer Jessica Long is an Inspiration



  1. Get home before dark on Labor Day



  1. World Humanitarian Day August 19th



Videos co-written, shot, produced and edited by Nicole Hanratty of Darren Kavinoky:

  1. 3 Tips for School Success Month



  1. Could you Pass the Parent Day Quiz?



Video shot, produced and edited by Nicole Hanratty, interview of John Phillips by Nicole Hanratty and Darren Kavinoky:


  1. “Everything was White” John Phillips on Black Lives Matter and Jordan Davis



Video produced and co-edited by Nicole Hanratty:

  1. 10 Day DUI Aftermath Includes Denial Dance


Encino, California

Nicole Hanratty, Director of Communications