Every good public relation, advertising, marketing and social media content strategy requires strong ties to the community.  How does your company give back and engage? There is no better way to establish these bonds than through philanthropic actions.

Show your community how you support them.  Be a part of the world you live in.  Engage your audience where they need you and are most appreciative of your efforts.

Ask Nicole Hanratty how she can help you get involved and expand your brand influence through community outreach.

Public Outreach

Many companies are under the impression that the only way to engage in public outreach is to write a check.  While those checks are necessary, they are not the only way to help.  Charities need skill sets that they often times can’t afford.  From video production to catering, the needs are endless to pull of a successful charity event.

Below are a few sample charities that Nicole gives back to and has helped raise funds and awareness.  Designing invitations, hosting events, running social media at charity galas, covering red carpets, interviewing attendees, creating hashtags, strategizing campaign visuals and producing entertainment are a few ways that Nicole has helped these organizations.

The concept is simple, draw on your own skill set to benefit those around you.  Show your community you care.




A vital part of charity involvement is choosing where to donate your resources.  Make your presence felt.  Create effective alliances with charities that are a natural marriage with your ideals.  Nicole Hanratty can be your Communications Liaison to put your face on your favorite charity.

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